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Hydrogen is the fuel of life! - The smallest and most powerful antioxidant.

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Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest atom containing only one proton and one electron only. This "atomic" form of hydrogen (H+) it is very unstable and highly reactive. 

In the "molecular" form of hydrogen (H2), two hydrogen atoms provide their (one + one) electrons to make the first and only electron shell more stable, but it is still very reactive.

Hydrogen is "the fuel of life"

Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi said in his 1937 Nobel Lecture: 
"A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure" ... "bring out the fact that our body really only knows one fuel, hydrogen."

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest antioxidant 

Due to the free electrons and reactive nature of both atomic and molecular forms of hydrogen, it is considered one of the strongest antioxidants with a high reduction potential. Due to its small size, it also penetrates easily through cell membranes.


Antioxidant are reducing agents and inhibit oxidation.

They do this by donating electrons to oxidizing agents, called free radicals. 

Free radicals can damage human cells.

As oxidative stress appears to be an important part of many human diseases, the use of antioxidants is intensively studied.  

You can NOT eat that much blueberries! 

  • One cup of hydrogen water has the equivalent antioxidants as

Drink lots of Hydrogen Water 
to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals!


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Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator
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Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator
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Hydrogen Water
is most beneficial
if consumed immediately
after production.

The concentration of dissolved
hydrogen is decreasing by time, 
movement, light and heat.

Home Health Concerns Water & Hydration Antioxidant Hydrogen Hydrogen Water Generators
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