H2 - H2O
Antioxidant Hydrogen Water
Hydrogen is the fuel of life! - The smallest and most powerful antioxidant.

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Health Concerns


What's common?
Any solutions?

Use Antioxidants!

Fight against
free radicals
and illnesses!


Drink the best water
for proper hydration, 
cellular hydration!

Biological Terrain

Get into the zone!
The ideal, healthy
living environment!

What is health?

Health is the unobstructed flow of life, nutrition and intelligence in a living organism. 

It is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, free from illness, injury or pain.

Health concerns (aging, disease, exhaustion...) - What's common?

Aging, illnesses, exhaustion are all caused by 

  • dehydration,
  • oxidative stress by free radicals, and
  • inflammation. 

Organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. 

Free radicals... are everywhere around us and constantly attack our bodies, causing aging and deterioration. Free radical damage is oxidative damage. 

Free radical damage within cells has been linked to a range of disorders including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. 

DNA cross-linking can lead to various effects of aging, especially cancer. Other cross-linking can occur between fat and protein molecules, which leads to wrinkles.

Free radicals can oxidize LDL and this is a key event in the formation of plaque in arteries, leading to inflammation, heart disease and stroke.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules that have a single unpaired electron on their outer shell. Most free radicals are highly reactive in their quest for electrons. 

If their hunger is not satisfied, they turn against the human body and try to steal electrons from its own cells.


Free radical damage

Free radicals breaking lysosomal membrane. Histamine leaks out. 

Free radicals breaking nuclear membrane altering DNA (genetic) material.

Free radicals attacking cell membrane from inside. Easy entry for destructive enzymes and pollutants.

Free radical damage is oxidative damage. Reducing or preventing oxidative damage can extend lifespan. 

Solution? = Proper Hydration  +  Essential Antioxidants

Antioxidants are reducing agents with free electrons to give. Therefore, by donating their electrons, thy can neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals.


Introducing the latest model of 
Hydrogen Water Generators

the NEW

Hydrogen Water Generator

From the original inventor and 
original manufacturer of the 
Lourdes Brand. 

New, improved PEM technology 
with titanium electrodes and 
no filters, no sponge, no leaks...

Our original HS models are 
temporarily discontinued 
due to shortage of parts.

To order or check prices 
send email to



Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator
Model HS-71 - Manual

Temporarily discontinued.

Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator
Model HS-81 - Digital Display

Temporarily discontinued.

Hydrogen Water
is most beneficial
if consumed immediately
after production.

The concentration of dissolved
hydrogen is decreasing by time, 
movement, light and heat.

Home Health Concerns Water & Hydration Antioxidant Hydrogen Hydrogen Water Generators
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